Cheese Shop Now Open

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches are loved by mystery readers and On the Queso fans

On The Queso Swag


Cool, but otherwise useless, On The Queso Swag coming soon. 


T-shirts, hoodies, and shopping bags to be printed on demand.


A link to sites and bookstores where you can buy the books coming soon.

Grilled cheese sandwich for On the Queso Cheese Fan Cookbook Contest

On The Queso Cheese Fan Recipe Contest

The first official 

On The Queso Cheese Fan Recipe Contest is now underway.

Email your favorite cheese-centric recipe to the Cheese Chick today. A panel of turophiles will select the winning recipes that will be published in the On The Queso Cheese Fan Cookbook.

Authors of the selected recipes will receive a free digital copy of the cookbook and will also be entered in a drawing to win Cheese of the Month Club gift certificates and On The Queso Swag.

Proceed Caerphilly to win! Contest started on March 14, 2018 at 4:29 PM Central and ends when I'm damned well ready. 

Cheddar Cheese goes great with a great mystery novel such as On The Queso The Roquefort Files

Cheese Marks the Spot

The first one hundred cheese fans to subscribe to this site will receive three free bookmarks to download and print at home.