The On the Queso Comedy Mystery Book Series

On The Queso Feta Attraction Comedy Mystery Novel with Cheese

List of Titles

Here's a list of the books in the Colby Meadows Comedy Mystery Series that are coming soon:

  • On The Queso: The Roquefort Files (Book #1)
  • On The Queso: Feta Attraction (Book #2)
  • On The Queso: Swiss You Were Here (Book #3)
  • On The Queso: The Muenster Inside (Book #4)

Coming later:

  • On The Queso: Edam And Weep (Book #5)
  • On The Queso: We'll Always Have Parmesan (Book #6)
  • On The Queso: Blame It On The Gorgonzola (Book #7)
  • On The Queso: Only The Gouda Die Young (Book #8)
  • On The Queso: Thank You For Flying Gruyere (Book #9)
  • On The Queso: When Push Comes to Chevres (Book #10)
  • On The Queso: Risking Life and Limburger (Book #11)
  • On The Queso: Cheddar the Thought (Book #12)
  • On The Queso: Those Who Live Alone Are Destined to Provolone (Book #13)

On The Queso Blame it on the Gorgonzola Cheese Mystery Novel

Tag Lines Coming Soon

Check back for more detailed descriptions of upcoming books.

On the Queso Edam and Weep Cheese Mystery Novel

Irrelevant Quotes from On The Queso Characters

"A meal without cheese never happened." 

Colby Meadows (our protagonist)

"If I see a garden gnome, I must steal it. I always leave five bucks in the mailbox."

Stilton McGhee (Colby's Uncle)

"As an officer of the law, I like to dress sharp. It tells folks that I'm in charge when I've got on a pair of fresh trousers with a sharp crease, on or off the job."

Romano Meadows (Colby's Brother)

"Would you like a grilled cheese sandwich with your quesadilla with some nice cheesecake for dessert?"

Velveeta and Fontina Meadows (Colby's Twin Moms)

"What's up with all of these cheese names?"

Carter "Sparks" Wensleydale (Colby's love interest and professional smartass)