Meet the Cheese Chick

Melody Reams is the Cheese Chick and authoer of the On The Queso comedy mystery novels

Melody Reams


With all of the division in the world today, we need a uniting force. Let that force be cheese, and let the cheese be with you. We're all more alike than we are different. Okay, some folks are lactose intolerant (and intolerant of a bunch of other things), but I believe we are here to share the delight of our human-ness, and on this site, we are here to share our delight of our love of all things cheese, cats,and comedy mysteries.

Be Careful or You Might End Up in my Novel

I'm the Cheese Chick. Yes, I've been called a bunch of other names, but that's the name I'm going with here today. In my world, you can call yourself whatever you want because you are in charge of your own stuff. That's why fiction is so powerful. Although there are always crumbs of reality (as writers, we are told to "write what you know"), most of the stuff you read is so made up that we writers didn't even have to change the names to protect the innocent (or the guilty). What I know is cheese, people, and words. (Or so I've convinced myself.) What you can expect from the Cheese Chick is one hell of a wild world that always makes sense in its own weird way. Justice (and delicious dialog) is always served up fresh and fun. Think of this ride as a theme restaurant: Chucky Cheese meets the Algonquin Round Table maybe?

Some of you might be asking, “Why cheese? Why bizarre characters? Why Zenith? Why is she asking so many ‘why’ questions?” When I was just a wee redhead skating about in a small southern Illinois town (very similar to the fictional town of Zenith), my reality and my fiction collided (well, maybe it was more that my un-helmeted head collided with the Maple Street sign post at the bottom of the steepest hill in town). My love of all things cheese, studying curiously interesting folks, and making sense of things that otherwise don’t inspired me to create the world of the On The Queso comedy mysteries. I invite you to jump aboard and enjoy the ride.