Eight Cats and a Chicken

Meet the Cheese Cats

What do authors and their characters have in common? Everything! Like the Cheese Chick, Colby Meadows is the proud parent of eight cats and a chicken. The Cheese Cats are: Rusty Buckets, Puma Furrman, Ace O'Clubs, Captain Greybeaux (the inspiration for Blue, who is a supersized version of the Captain), Underwood, Mylar, Rockford (of course!), Sanka, and Moe Katz (named so because when he showed up, the Cheese Chick said, "I guess I've got Moe Katz now"). 

Yes, that's a list of nine. In the On The Queso Comedy Mystery series, Blue belongs to Colby's Uncle Stilton. In the book and in reality, our pet chicken is a beautiful hen named Barbie Q. Chicken. All of the critters in the menagerie were once strays. Even the chicken. Leave it to the Cheese Chick to attract a stray chicken.

Rusty Buckets, the handsome red Abyssinian pictured here, asks you to peruse the Cheese Cat Pics. He knows you want to -- his part-time job is reading minds at the local carnival sideshow.